ADR expertise is learned through years of experience. At Ex Juris we have a roster of seasoned professionals, including retired judges, who have mastered the fine balance of alternative dispute resolution. It’s all about balance and experience. PROVIDING ADR SERVICES THROUGHOUT ONTARIO ADR delivered by seasoned experts with years of experience and track records of results. If you are looking for a mediator or arbitrator to resolve your dispute, look to Ex Juris. The finish line may be closer than you think. PROVIDING ADR SERVICES THROUGHOUT ONTARIO

At Ex Juris, we offer mediation, arbitration and other ADR services. We can also customize a process to resolve your dispute that is specific to your particular needs.

We address the real issues between the parties in dispute. By using these alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, it allows parties to avoid the expensive, cumbersome and overworked court system.

Arbitration Services

Mediation is usually based on the party’s interests; not their positions or their rights.

The goal of the mediator is to assist both parties in resolving their dispute by finding a solution that works best for the parties. The mediator is thoroughly neutral and the process is voluntary.

ADR Services

Arbitration process is voluntary and the individual who facilitates the process is fully neutral.

The difference between mediation and arbitration is that the arbitrator makes a decision for the parties.

Mediation Services

The parties retain one facilitator who starts as a mediator and then arbitrates.

The process usually commences with mediation and if issues in mediation cannot be resolved then the same individual will convene a hearing on the law and evidence and make a decision.

“We offer the public several alternatives to resolve disputes. When parties are in a dispute, their usual reaction is to seek the assistance of a judge and utilize the litigation process. That system is expensive, time consuming and has restrictions on evidence and utilizes formulative rules.”

Your Mediation and Arbitration Roster.

Hon. Lydia M Barchynsky Olah

Mediator & Arbitrator

Hon. George Valin

Mediator & Arbitrator


Jessica Connell

Mediator / Arbitrator / Investigator

Daniel Dooley

Mediator & Arbitrator

Scott Fairley

Mediator & Arbitrator

Kim Kieller

Mediator & Arbitrator

William Leslie

Mediator & Arbitrator


Doug MacLeod



Steve Rastin


Judith Turner


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